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Creating Company Culture @ Co.Labor (Or Any Other Coworking Space!)

Creating and fostering a strong company culture is essential to the success of any organization. However, building a positive company culture can be really tough for those small businesses that don't have the resources to invest in perks or employee amenities. This is where coworking spaces like Co.Labor come in, providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with access to a vibrant community and numerous amenities to support a healthy and happy work environment.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, a positive workplace culture can increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity. Co.Labor spaces offer a variety of amenities that are specifically designed to help foster a sense of community and promote positive company culture. These amenities include private showers, noise-canceling headphones, a wellness room for meditation and yoga, and a café for networking and relaxation. Coworking spaces are built on the idea of offering services to their members that are not readily available to them or that may come at a high cost. By combining many members, coworking spaces create economies of scale that allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to enjoy these cool perks and amenities.

Working in a coworking space can also be a great recruitment and retention tool for small businesses. By offering a variety of amenities and a supportive community, small business owners can create an environment that employees are excited to come to every day. With a coworking space, gone are the days where people come in and only interact with the other few staff that are on the same team. Having a variety of members from a variety of industries allows coworking spaces to be the epicenter of opportunity. Opportunity for relationship creation, education, networking, and just getting a chance to hang out. Imagine how "sticky" a small business becomes with this model, where they never could have before. Employees are more likely to be loyal to a company that invests in them individually, their well-being, and fosters a positive company culture.

In addition to offering a range of amenities, Co.Labor is committed to empowering those less fortunate and promoting compassionate philanthropy and environmental sustainability. These three key tenets are the DNA of Co.Labor and every workspace, and small business owners who work in these spaces can feel good about being part of a community that supports these values. Coworking spaces are community driven as mentioned earlier so having this mindset just simply falls in line. The community outside of the business is just as important as the one inside!

For example, Co.Labor has partnered with local non-profit organizations to donate a portion of its profits to support various causes. This philanthropic focus creates a sense of purpose and meaning for employees, which can increase motivation and productivity. Not all coworking spaces are going to have this approach so it is important for decision-makers to take into account these value-added commitments. Our team is dedicated to a lot more than just providing some cool office spaces and perks for employees!

Another advantage of working in a coworking space is the opportunity to connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs. It is truly a central theme of the coworking concept. Spaces offer regular events and networking opportunities, which allow individuals to connect with others from a variety of industries and learn from their experiences. These events can be particularly valuable for small business owners who may not have a large network or access to mentors. Even if networking isn't your thing just being around people daily can afford opportunities to find great vendors or providers that can help your team be successful.

Co.Labor's commitment to environmental sustainability is also an important factor for small business owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Co.Labor has implemented numerous eco-friendly initiatives, such as using renewable energy sources and promoting recycling and waste reduction. By working in a space that prioritizes sustainability, small business owners can do their part to create a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, fostering a positive company culture is essential to the success of any organization, but it can be particularly challenging for small businesses. Coworking spaces like Co.Labor offer a range of amenities and a supportive community that can help small business owners create a positive work environment.

I promise to close this out but it is worth mentioning, Co.Labor's focus on compassionate philanthropy, environmental sustainability, and empowering those less fortunate creates a sense of purpose and meaning for not just our staff/team but also can give that your employees as well. Helping others makes those who help feel really good. It's scientifically proven. In our spaces, we help give purpose to this world which can do so much for the psyche and motivation. For small business owners or even a small 2-person team looking to build a positive company culture and create a more sustainable future, working in a coworking space like Co.Labor is it!

Working towards positive change in the community can have a significant impact on personal well-being. Research has shown that volunteering and contributing to community causes can increase happiness and improve overall well-being. By being part of a community that values giving back and making a positive impact, individuals can feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Additionally, working with like-minded individuals towards a common goal can create a strong sense of camaraderie and foster meaningful relationships. These positive social connections can improve mental health and overall quality of life.


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